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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Rules to live by

"So when are you going to start this whole gentleman thing?" I was asked by mister Trumbull, a few days after telling him about my idea. And, in truth, I was hesitant. Where the hell was I supposed to start?
It wasn't as if I could just suddenly draw together a list of specifics needed to transform myself into a magically handsome gentleman of some forgotten age.
That would require effort.
A quick google search offered me a literary orgy of books about how to be a "modern gentleman". I even bought a few of them; and I noticed a common thread between them all. They were, for the most part, brilliant written - but they still left me wondering what to do in situations they didn't mention. What does a gentleman do when he's stabbed to death several times in a videogame? What is the full gentlemanly protocol for watching pornography?
By god, what shower gel would a gentleman use? (If they shower at all.)
And then I thought back to Trumbull's question. And thought "Well, I might as well get started with a rulebook. But one that has literally everything in it." This would obviously be a pretty ongoing project. How useful, then, I had a blog for that very purpose I could use to constantly update the rulebook.
And that's what I'm going to do. Or by god, I'll die trying (surprisingly likely considering how accident prone I am)

Gentlemanly Rule #1:
A Gentleman always keeps his word.

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